Open your mind, the first Lost&Found website by Matches is coming. Did you lose something?. Don't write it off right away, upload it to RECOVERIT.

Did you found something? Put yourself in the skin of the one who lost it and help him to recover it. Upload it to RECOVERIT and name a depositary or send us a WhatsApp to +34657711267.

The first digital platform for the Lost&Found management by matches

Do you want to offer your citizens and tourists an excellent service regarding their lost objects or pets?

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At Recoverit, we are aware that what is worthless for one may be invaluable for another.

We have created Recoverit because we value your belongings as much as you do, because we like to improve things, and because we believe that helping others is helping ourselves.

This is the spirit that has always characterized us and the one we wish to share with you.

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