About us

RECOVERIT arises as a result of the professional experience of a public servant, specialised in assisting foreign tourists in Malaga. He has witnessed first-hand the anguish generated by the loss or theft, on many occasions, of documentation and other personal effects, empathising with the victims.

Precisely, the empathy generated by the distress of citizens led to the germination of the idea of creating a startup that connects the person who finds an object with the person who loses it through data matching. A startup for police and social use.

With his experience and the support of a large team of professionals, he has managed to create a pioneering tool that represents a radical change in the management of lost and found objects.

A useful, efficient, fast, dynamic, simple and intuitive system.

This App saves time and anxiety for citizens, thus offering an image of collaboration and "Smart City" or "Smart Company" for the City Councils or companies that use this platform, as well as freeing up storage space on their premises..