RECOVERIT is a pioneering software for the management of lost and found objects, which offerscitizens, administrations and private companies an efficient, fast and intuitive tool to communicateboth the loss and the recovery of an object (and eventually a pet), as well as an elaboratemanagement program created by professionals in the sector.

The software marks a complete turnaround from any previous model created to date, since itfocusses on a full interaction between the general public, the police, private security companies andany department responsible for the management of lost property, and it is precisely the interactionand organisation between the aforementioned parties, that is essential to fulfil the application’sprincipal objective.

How does RECOVERIT work?

Recoverit works through a ‘Match’ system (data matching). As such, both the person who has lostproperty, as well as the person or administration that has recovered it, must complete a series of requested data that takes no longer than 2 minutes. Once the program has processed the information, its specific algorithm coupled with our team’s verification, enables location of the property owner, and immediate communication with them.

What is an agent?

An agent refers to personnel, that due to their position, are likely to be responsible for storing lost property found by citizens in public areas such as streets, public or private establishments, or different forms of public transport (Police, security staff, taxi drivers, bus drivers, private companies, street cleaners, etc.).

How are agents registered?

For the website, you must go to the footer, accept cookies, click on "Agent Registration". Enter the depository code provided by your manager and complete the registration form. For the App, proceed in the same way but the selector is located in the menu, top left, (the three stripes).

Police officers will enter their police badge number on the name and surname blanks in order to provide as less personal data as needed.

Have you lost something?

Distress is imminent and hope minimal; whether property is stolen, lost or forgotten, theconsequence for those affected is always the same: a huge amount of effort, stress and nerves.

Enter your article in Recoverit and as soon as someone finds it, you will receive an email telling youwhat was found and where it is deposited.

What is an IMEI number and where can I find it?

The IMEI number of your mobile phone terminal is your identification number. It is like an ID card foryour mobile phone, a 15-digit number, which you can get from your mobile phone companyprovider, if you purchased the phone from one of their establishments.

This number is usually found under the battery of your mobile phone, on the invoice, the packaging,on the back of some I-phones, or by dialling *#06#. We strongly advise you to have this numberstored somewhere (in the cloud or email), in the case where you may have lost your mobile phoneor it is stolen. Such an unexpected event is a huge blow, so making regular backups also ensures the protection and safeguarding of your data.

Does publication in Recoverit replace a police report?

Entering a stolen or lost item does not replace a police report. However, it does increase the possibility of the item being located through da4ta matching, since your belongings can be found by anyone who does not have access to police data.

Using Recoverit, any citizen can publish notification that certain belongings have been found, and appoint a depositary, so that the person who has lost them can go to retrieve them.

Does Recoverit cost me anything?

NO! RECOVERIT is totally free for the user. Only the management software, intended for administrations and private companies that manage their own found properties, has a cost.

What should I register in Recoverit?

All objects, lost/forgotten/stolen and all objects found, lost pets, stolen vehicles etc. In short, everything that has been lost and can be recovered.

Do I receive anything in exchange for providing information on a found object?

The only thing you will receive in return will be the satisfaction of having helped someone else selflessly. In fact, perhaps it will bring you a lot more than anything you have ever done for money! Practice it more! You will feel better for it.

Does your company want to manage its found objects with Recoverit?

Contact us! We will be happy to offer you a subscription according to the volume of lost property managed by your company.

Can I change or delete items if I make a mistake?

No, you can only delete the record and start again. Once the report is finished and the search process has started, you cannot interrupt it to make modifications.

What browsers are supported?

Recoverit has been tested in all current versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer and is compatible with these.

How does Recoverit work?

Sign up to Recoverit through our website https://www.recoverit.es or by scanning our QR code.

Register your lost, forgotten or stolen item.

Wait for our notification.

Add our website to your home screen and use it as an App, without taking up memory space on your mobile.